Pchysical pleasure, conscious sexuality and undistrubed intimacy are the fundamentals of joyful, fulfilled and harmonic life of every human being...


erotic lingerie & BDSM accessories manufacturer

Ledapol offers products enlarging your sensual zones, making intimate areas more dynamic and improving your sexual disposition. We offer you also our great experience in erotic domain. Company was established in 1990. Two years later we commenced the production which character and design have an influence on people sensuality around the world. The very first catalogue was released in 1994 and included 226 items.

Now the customers can choose among thousands of articles.

Our values

  • High quality materials and components.
  • Workmanship precision.
  • Openness about new challenges and projects.
  • Innovative design.
  • Recognizable style.
  • Customer satisfaction.

Our mission

  • To care about technology and design development in our company.
  • To co-work with people associated with the world of art.
  • To intrigue the celebrities with extravagant designs, wishing to become a part of their image.

Our vision

  • To keep the high position in wholesale area in which we operate.
  • To satisfy needs of the erotic market.
  • To guarantee access to large selection of products, high production quality and attractive items design.

We create extreme experiences

We define the erotic market anew.